Community & Alumni Integration

People sitting around a table having a meeting

These efforts aim to fully integrate community and alumni voices within the planning and development of initiatives to create a more inclusive health sciences learning and work environment.


  • Collaborate to develop a lecture series that features Richmond community members (with appropriate compensation).
    • Planning for an intergenerational conversation series;  “How can the social justice movement of 2020 shape authentic university/community partnerships?” is underdevelopment with the Center on Health Disparities and the Health Hub at 25th.
  • Collaborate to create a DEI Action Educational Framework that focuses on providing educational opportunities for acknowledging and reflecting upon the implications of inequities in our institutional history and the impact on current social and health disparities that are prevalent in the communities that we serve.
  • Plan a reunion event featuring a diverse alumni panel; “Drawing on past voices to help shape our future.”


  • Provide funding from the OSVPHS to support development of ongoing community engagement programs, support relevant community efforts, and incentive faculty, staff, and students to innovate in the community engagement space in a health sciences context.


Logan Vetrovec, M.Ed. –